604/605 Crystal Plaza,

Guru Hargovindji – Chakala Road,

Andheri East, Mumbai India – 400099




Advanced Engineering Solutions LTD,

Off Old Bagamoyo Road

Plot 144, Block "B"

House No. MKC/MCB/813

Ng'ambo Road/Wastaafu

Street No. 10






At Bizcyclone we provide state of the art services for firms of different sizes. With our partners all over the world we ensure our customers get the best services for their industries. Knowing the necessity of information at the earliest we can help your firm get the latest information from any country as soon as they are available.


To enable start up and well established firms to get on we provide the following services and more:




Through our portal you will gain access to thousands of tenders from all over the world for the category and employer of your choice through our advanced tender information system. Get access to:


  • Tender details
  • Tender documents
  • Tender notifications
  • Tender Submission
  • Attending pre-bid meetings
  • Country representatives
  • Association and sub-consultancy




Free access to job information, expert information. Companies can easily recruit experts. Our portal gives job seekers a chance to get their dream job through our job system. Get access to thousands of jobs posted from all over east Africa/world on daily basis. Post your curriculum vitae for reputable companies to find you.




Buy your dream car, get access to millions of cars from worldwide sellers. Get the car of your choice at the cheapest price possible.

Sellers get access to millions of buyers from around the world. Get the best price for your car.




Get access to thousands of properties for sale/Rent from all over the world. Get information on your dream house. Live anywhere you wish easily through our portal.




Get access to thousands of goods from sellers all over the world. Get the goods of your choice at the price of your liking. Suppliers get access to thousands of buyers from around the world.




Our portal gives you a chance to freely advertise your business/company products. By using our company section, you can freely showcase your company products and services, get access to our expert recruitment system where you can easily recruit experts/personnel, freely advertise tenders to the public through our tender system. Also Get access to thousands of tenders posted everyday all over the world.




Get the best deals in town through our portal. We give you accurate and free information on best deals including: Best plane tickets, and best hotel deals.




Don’t miss the right events in your town, through our system you will have fast/accurate and free access to major events in your area of interest. Get all necessary information including event time, location, requirements, pricing, and all other details necessary.




Get the right venue at the right price to host your events anywhere you wish. Get information on venue availability, parking information, Security information and any other requirements through our portal.


Tell us your requirements and we will meet them.

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