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Posted: 24 Mar 2017
Location: Africa
Condition: New
Price: 100000 TZS
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Posted: 04 Aug 2016 06:51
Category: Home, Furniture & DIY | Household & Laundry Supplies
Conditions: New
Price: 4500 INR
Person Type: Individual
Location: Asia , India , Lucknow
Sage of heavy duty stainless steel pipes, which offers high tolerance towards heavy wet clothes. It can accommodate more drying space, in less area which is a perfect blend with your ceiling. In the conventional cloth drying system clothes are damaged in colour and life span by the excessive exposure to sun and dust. But whereas our hanger’s indoor cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its colour. An Indoor hanger come in different variations comprising 6 lines individually adjustable drying Stainless Steel rods. Product is available in different lengths like 5ft, 6 ft universal width. Optimum space between individual pipes allows smooth air flow between clothes and reduces mildew and smell. Physical disabled accessible; much easy to understand and operate its functions. Hanger’s offers premier quality which is reliable and long lasting use. Hanger’s which are Eco friendly in nature help in reduction of carbon foot prints; in turn saves your energy and electricity.
Quality Features
1. Heavy duty stainless steel pipes
2. High tolerance towards heavy wet cloths
3. Decent and luxurious look, easy to handle,
 Adjustable height, big 	saving on space
4. Can fit in passages, balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms
5. High quality accessories
Sizes Available
  Product available in 3 variants.
1.  6 pipes X 6 ft = 36 ft drying area
2.  6 pipes X 7 ft = 42 ft drying area
3.  6 pipes X 8 ft = 48 ft drying area
 Other sizes like 3 ft, 4ft, 5 ft, 9ft 
Also available
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