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Posted: 26 Oct 2016 06:33
Category: Health & Beauty | Massage
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Price: 500 USD
Person Type: Individual
Location: Australia and Oceania , Australia , Majura
psychic energy is a message or a packet of messages which are sent out into the Universe to rewrite fate and manifest your love wish. It’s not as strange as it sounds - it’s a variation of Cosmic Ordering, but unfortunately Cosmic Ordering itself is a hit and miss process, because although once you place your cosmic order the Universe instantly starts working on it, the second you worry or tell yourself your wish is just a dream and it won't come true the Universe hears that too, and considers it to be an update and then cancels your initial cosmic order. They are far superior, they cannot be cancelled out by your doubt or worry, indeed they are a much bigger operation than placing a Cosmic Order that doesn’t even take 60 seconds - for example, my shortest take an hour to cast, and at least one hour of preparation, but it’s worth investing time and care to get the results you desire! Once a love is active and working on your heartache the changes become visible psychically, as destiny is rewritten.
Contact: Dr Mama Mojo on her cell +27734860726
Email: drmamamojo@gmail.com
Contact Person: Mama Mojo
Phone: +27734860726
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