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How to find cute, and affordable women’s clothes online
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Posted: 13 Nov 2016 05:37
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How to find cute, and affordable women’s clothes online
Purchasing women’s clothes online can be a daunting task especially when you consider that not all companies have the same types of fits available for their clothes. Women’s clothes are often more expensive that men’s clothes because of the fact that women’s clothes usually need more time spent on designing the cut and fit of blouses and pants. There are a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re looking for clothes online and we’ll discuss them in this article. Keep in mind though that some of the advice I’ll provide is just from my experience and isn’t objective truth as clothing is subjective and certain cuts and styles will fit better on different body types.
This is one of the first things you should be checking when you’re buying clothes online. Most companies don’t use similar sizing charts and often have unique cuts that affect how their clothes are going to fit on you. If you see a pair of clothes you like make sure to check out the sizing chart offered by the company, most websites like Amazon offer this information in the description but if you can’t find the details try checking the company’s website.
Personal measurements:
It’s always good to keep personal measurements on hand and updated frequently. Most clothes nowadays are measured in very general sizes like small, medium, and large. But if you’re buying dress shirts or designer clothes online many companies will offer the exact measurements of what they offer to make sure you get a better, more tapered fit. Personal measurements can be taken easily and there’s plenty of guides online that will show you how to do it. If you’re having trouble getting completely accurate measurements don’t be afraid to ask a professional next time you’re at the tailors.
Read reviews:
This one can’t be understated, it’s rare to find an article of clothing you like online that doesn’t have at least a few reviews of its features and quirks. Websites like Amazon provide extensive reviews including a Q&A section on some of their products for those quick questions that everybody has about the clothes they buy. One of the key features of Amazon is that it offers verified reviews meaning the company has confirmed that the reviewer owns the product in question and the reviews aren’t being paid for.
Photos don’t tell the whole story:
Most of the time manufacturers will only include pictures of the clothes in question on their listings and not pictures of the clothes actually being worn. Some online retailers have taken steps to solve this problem by either requesting photos of models wearing a particular product or simply using in-house models to showcase the product. Seeing how a piece of clothing actually looks when it’s being worn is essential to making sure it’s going to look good when you receive it in the mail. You can also check reviews for this information as a lot of reviews tend to include a picture of the reviewer wearing the clothing.
Always be aware of return policies:
If you’re going to buy clothes online it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a company with a flexible return policy. There’s nothing worse than discovering that you don’t like what you purchased or it just isn’t what you thought it was going to be initially and then finding out you’re stuck with it. This can be especially difficult with luxury clothing that often has stricter return guidelines and more precise measurements meaning you should always be sure that what you’re buying is marked as your size.
Take notes:
If you buy a piece of clothing from an affordable brand make sure you remember the name of that company and you follow up with their seasonal releases. More often than not companies are going to produce clothes you like every season and knowing which brands are affordable and that you like to wear can really help you pad out your daily clothing collection while also keeping it affordable.
Does one size fits all really mean what it says?
Often times not, one size fits all often refers to clothes that are meant to be worn loose and will fit people within a range of the average body type. These clothes usually offer a minimum and maximum measurements guide for your consideration.
What are my options if I can’t return clothes?
You can always try reselling them on the service you bought them from as items you tried to wear once, disliked, and weren’t able to return. Be careful though as people will be skeptical so always make sure you use excessive detail when describing these items.
Closing thoughts:
Buying affordable clothes online is easy especially now that we have so many resources to reference for great deals and products. Keep track of sales being offered on clothes you really want and make sure you’re following the steps I described above. Only diligence can ensure that your clothes will always be a great fit on arrival.
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