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Wildplaces Africa
Posted: 15 Feb 2016 11:30
Category: Tourism & Travel
Location: Africa , Uganda
Address: Uganda
Contact Name: N/A
A safari in Uganda is like visiting ‘Africa in miniature’ – it’s all here.  Tangled jungle, glacier-capped mountains, roaring rapids, vast sparkling lakes, terraced hillsides, grassy plains, arid savanna, deep forest…and breathtaking beauty everywhere you look.

This is a land of contrasts, a geographic showpiece:  the Western Rift Valley, the River Nile (the longest in the world!), Bwindi – the Impenetrable Forest, Lake Victoria, the legendary Rwenzori range – the Mountains of the Moon, the Ituri Forest.  In a matter of days you can see some of the world’s rarest creatures:  go tracking in the forest to see Gorillas and Chimps, search the marshlands for Shoebill, wander the forest floor following the trail of Forest Elephant, visit a Karamajong tribe or a Batwa (pygmy) village.
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