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Health Initiatives for Safety and Stability in Africa
Department of Health: Ladysmith Hospital
Department of Health: Pomeroy community health Centre
To effectively and efficiently supply essential medicines and medical supplies to health facilities...
KwaZulu-Natal: Department of Health Nkandla District Hospital
Posted: 10 Mar 2016 14:30
Category: Medical, Dental And Veterinary
Location: Asia , Pakistan
Address: Unnamed Road, Pakistan
Contact Name: N/A
The PMRC Head Office is located at Islamabad. It has 12 Research Centers throughout the country which are attached to the major Public sector hospitals. All powers of the Council (both administrative and financial) are vested in the Board of Governors (BoG).  The members of the BoG serve in their ex-officio capacity. Head of most public sector organizations with direct or indirect connection to the health sector are represented on the Board.
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