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Posted: 17 Mar 2017
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania
Posted: 23 Feb 2017
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania
Posted: 20 Dec 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania , Dar es Salaam
Posted: 02 Dec 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Kenya , Westlands
Posted: 20 Nov 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Angola , Baía
Herman Suseno
Posted: 23 Oct 2016 14:54
Gender: Male
Age: 37 years
Location: Asia, Indonesia
Nationality: Indonesian
About Person
To: Recruiter,
Please find attached my CV: I wish to apply for the above-referenced-role.  I am a logistics and supply chain manager with 15 years’ expertise in working with large stock volumes, managing end-to-end shipping (sea) process for prominent corporate clients.
I have significant expertise in working with clients as well as company finance and operations departments to ensure seamless client freight logistics - transport operations, customer requirements’ management, contractor and vendor management, optimization, project delivery and profit / efficiency-driven solutions.
I am exceptionally imaginative and effectual as part of any team. I have experience, project-based wisdom and balance. I ensure much tailored team-building, teaching, coaching, development and review (KPI and PDP) to ensure the team always meets client requirements.
My expertise includes:
•	Leading and managing transport and logistics for significant, large and highly specialized teams delivering $large budget customer and operations-focused projects
•	Fleet management disciplines, including liaison with port authorities and customs officials to secure correct documentation and bills of passage to facilitate smooth client freight transport
•	Liaising with:
o	company operations / marketing / logistics to negotiate closely with vendors
o	and reporting to, senior executives and directors
•	Extensive and wide-ranging customer contact / sales management experience: 
o	developing and improving customer relationships
o	promoting / selling / securing customer contact / orders from existing and prospective customers through a relationship-based approach
o	demonstrating products and services to existing / potential customers and assists them in selecting those best suited to their needs
o	preparing all sales paperwork / invoicing / stock orders
With excellent communication skills, as well as a mature ability to lead and mediate between team members I am confident that I would make a valuable long-term contribution to your company business, and would welcome the opportunity to discuss my application further.  
Yours sincerely,
Herman Suseno
General Info
Profession: Logistic & Supply Chain
Experience: 3625 years 8 months
Category: Procurement & Logistics
Employment: Full-Time, Office-Work, Remote-Work
Desired place: Europe , Denmark
Salary: Negotiable
Files: Herman CV    
Experience #1
Name Company: Podomoro University & North Jakarta International School
Scope Activity: Education
City: Jakarta
Post: Operational General Manager
Period: Jan 2015 - Oct 2016
Responsibilities: Managed at both sectors: o purchasing, legal, project-building, inventory , marketing intake and human resourches. o existing buildings and fixed assets, building / poster permits, contractor documentation, payments and charges  Arranged travel, business trip agenda and accommodation for the university accademical event in regional and international  Ensured availability of fixed asset, office supplies, fullfilment new area (classes and office) and utilize initial existing building.  Controlled departmental SOP-based requests – negotiated lead times, payments and fixed assets with vendor, followed up with departments  Monitored consumption of utility used; electricity, water and gas and telephone. Ensuring on-time payments  Responsible for all office supplies, water, cleaning and security  Worked with: o library team and lecture head from each program to ensure availability of required books o project and contractor teams to follow up status and schedule of new building project and forward-plan o marketing team to collaborate on the event, promotion and education exhibition o academic and teaching teams provide the best service level agreement in providing facility for teaching and learning o head of education program in order to ensure availibility of laboratory for each program study o SPMI team for university preparation to secure internationally recognized accreditation in ISO 9001-2008
Experience #2
Name Company: PT. Hop Lun Indonesia
Scope Activity: Garment apparel
City: Semarang
Post: Supply Chain Senior Manager
Period: Oct 0201 - Dec 2014
Responsibilities: Import / Export responsibilities  Led all export and import shipping activities; and outsourced activities to ensure production completion on time and in line with buyers’ requirements  Communicated closely with marketing regarding selling stock order at factory and updated if any special requirement from buyer on the stock accessories  Collaborated closely with production team, inviting them to weekly meetings to ensure everyone agreed on production issues and delivery schedule, to secure optimum solutions to production line issues  Actively worked with QS & QC team to ensure all products passed the inspection by buyer QC agent before finished goods ex-factory  Ensured: o export team booked on time, enabling shipment to secure required liner or forwarder space o export and import documents were issued on time o B/L or FCR, COO, buyer invoice and packing lists were sent to buyer before cargo arrival o documents for air shipment, including COO, were ready before ex-factory o delivery of cargo on time as per buyer’s instruction to avoid delay shipment and avoid buyer fines o export-import and subcontract activities complied with all regulations to avoid customs penalty; and were submitted on time and correctly to finance with correct data o packing department and finished goods teams completed the loading process smoothly - informed buyer of short quantities  Developed relationships with: o buyers, inland trucking agent, customs authority, and 3rd party transporter like liners or forwarders o customs office to improve customs clearance process and ensure smooth import and export  Worked closely, to lead company compliance, with: o local customs and customs office head, local ministry and other official local government bodies o sales and sourcing teams at HQ to establish status of leftover FG & RM and obtain disposal approval  Controlled bonded zone facility at both factories and ensured the extension was delivered pre-expiry date Production plan execution and material usage control  Controlled production plan and factory production capacity  Executed new order from marketing at HQ and delivered quick feedback regarding feasibility of factory production and capacity meeting delivery date for new order  Forecast production to make buffer stock of company brand  Controlled material usage at production line to minimize finished goods shortage  Led daily monitoring for each line production for every order to ensure production team met the efficiency target output  Ensured all product samples were approved before production commenced output for each style  Sent production sample of first output to marketing HQ to and get buyer approval for shipment sample Page 3 of 4 Warehousing responsibilities  Ensured the team: o completed matching received material with import packing list or delivery note o detailed the stock card and filled material and FG in each category
Experience #3
Name Company: PT. Ispat Bukit Baja
Scope Activity: Contruction steel
City: Jakarta
Post: Marketing Manager
Period: Oct 0201 - Jul 2012
Responsibilities: Local Sales responsibilities  Developed relationships with fabricators, distributors and some government companies  Monitored contract balance quantity during the customer supply process, routinely meeting customers to mitigate all queries and offer after-sales support  Gave production order to the PPIC and coordinated with production team, logistics and others to ensure that products can be dispatched to plan; and that payment could be made before delivery  Arranged delivery with key transporters to assist customers experiencing difficulties with their transporters  Ensured Local Credit Letter payments were settled on time as per conditions agreed  Designed, implemented and reviewed KPIs for all subordinates  Issued monthly marketing budget and yearly budget Export Sales responsibilities  Dealt with all incoming global enquiries, building relations with new & existing clients to retain develop business  Planned and rolled out product online advertisements  Ensured contracts were issued in a timely manner by the team after securing the buyer’s deal  Sourced the best ocean freight from all liner, to be able to give clients up-to-date prices, for selling on CFR  Checked L/C draft condition post-signing by customers and passed it to finance for approval  Worked with: o PPIC for production schedule to ensure that orders were ready before latest date of shipment on the L/C Page 4 of 4 o procurement department to ensure that raw materials were available as per order spec  Ensured materials’ production by the mill team met fix with confirmation for the space and D/O  Negotiated with liners to source and secure the best rate for shipment, to increase the margin  Coordinated with transporters to ensure they secured empty containers and delivered to the plant as required  Checked all liners’ & customs’ documents to ensure accuracy, signed off and submitted to the bank and the applicant as per L/C requirements  Approved shipment within 14 days lead time to avoid extra cost at destination  Proposed release of cargo under bank guarantee especially for shipment with short transit time – to enable costumer to release their cargo immediately upon vessel arrival without original document
Level: Bachelor
City: Jakarta, Indonesia
Institution: MH Thamrin University
Faculty, Specialty: Computer Science
Period: Aug 2006 - Aug 2010
About Education: I hold bachelor degree in computer science
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