Amanuel Abreham

Highway Engineer Beza Consulting Engineers | Addis Ababa

Category : Engineering & Architecture
Experience : 10 years
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Employment: Full-Time

Salary: Negotiable

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Location: Africa, Ethiopia

Nationality: Ethiopian

Desired Location: Africa , Tanzania

Gender: Male

Age: 39 Yrs


About Person

I am a self-motivated Civil Engineer with a Masters degree of Civil Engineering and 10 years of experience in design, supervision and construction of roads ranging from Rural to express roads. I have also involved in railway Design projects. During my career I have participated in more than 17 civil Road design projects, all of them were successful. In 2013 I certified as Practicing Professional Highway Engineer status from Construction Industry development and Regulatory Bureau under Ministry of Urban Development and Construction in Ethiopia. My skills in modeling and designing projects using Mx-Road software and my focus on getting a job done well and on time, have resulted in all projects being completed successfully and with very positive feedback from managers and clients. My progressive engineering experience has provided me with the opportunity to develop strong skills and an ability to lead and work with multi-disciplinary teams.


International Consultants & Technocrats Ethiopia PLC (ICTE)

Highway Engineer

International Consultants & Technocrats Ethiopia PLC (ICTE)

Design and Construction Supervision

Oct 2014 - Oct 2016 , 2 year , 0 months
Addis Ababa

Responsibilities • Verify vertical and horizontal alignment elements as per the contract drawing (plan and profile) • Verify and approve the template submitted by the Contractor as per the requirement of the contract • Check the geometrical design in compliance with the standards of the contract • Check and verify side ditch profile • Check and verify design of Junctions • Assist in checking the setting out of the contractor and re-establish missing survey stations; Achievements • Designed a new realignment section along Yalo –Nehele-Abala road project to reduce earth work excavation quantity within 3 km length .As a result the cost of construction is reduced by a minimum of 900,000USD. • Provided different at -grade junction designs, like Roundabouts-Junctions etc., in Bonga towns at the locations where the project road meets with another major road construction projects. • Provided design modifications on land slide and slope stability prone areas along Bonga -Mizan Road Project.


Highway Engineer


Geomertic Design of Addis-Adama Expressways and Kampala Jinja Expressways,Project coordination

Dec 2008 - Sep 2014 , 5 year 9 months
Addis Ababa,Kampala

Responsibilities Design Projects • Verify topographical survey data • Process the surveying data and carried out Design Modeling and Surface analysis. • Design Horizontal and Vertical alignment of the road using MX-Road • Design all cross section elements – Carriageways, shoulders, Cut and fill slope, cut using Mx-Road line mode input (MX-Road language). • Design of the geometric elements for the dual three lane motorway; Design of the Link roads Frontage and side roads connecting the motorway to the existing road network • Design of grade separated intersections • Design of vehicular, animal and pedestrian over and underpass crossings for the main motorway; Design of at grade intersection like Junction and roundabout. • Preparing plan, profile and cross section drawing; Preparation of Detailed drawing used for tender Document. • Computation of quantities for the Earthworks, pavement works, drainage structures and road furniture. Road Construction Project • Reviewing engineering drawings ,technical specification and design calculation • Work with the surveyors in setting out the project center line and cross section. • Regularly monitor and evaluate the quality of road construction. • Supervise the preparation of additional drawings as necessary based on the design standards. Achievements • Involved in the geometric design of more than six different types of roads ranging from rural roads to Expressways. • Involved in the detailed design of Addis -Adama and Kampla Jinja Expressways which was both the first toll road in Ethiopia and Uganda respectively. • Involved in the road capacity improvement study of Kampala Southern by pass road which is a three lane road in each direction and includes grade separated intersections. • Completed a detailed geometric design and the preparation of technical drawings for Namiao -Metero rural road Projects, which is about for 220km and located in northern Mozambique, in conjunction with other Highway Design Engineers. • Involved in the preparation of Route Selection Manual for Ethiopian Roads Authority as a Highway Engineer and Project Coordinator. • Participated in the identification and design of mitigation measures for Land Slide Prone areas occurred in Ethiopian roads.

Beza Consulting Engineers

Highway Design Engineer

Beza Consulting Engineers

Rural Roads Design and Supervision

Oct 2006 - Jan 2009 , 2 year 2 months
Addis Ababa

Responsibilities • Monitor and evaluation of the topographic surveying of projects • Interpreting survey results into Design model of software and technical drawings. • Providing geometric design of roads for design team in preliminary and detail design phases of projects. • Undertaking any other duties as assigned by the Team Leader • Designing of the junctions and Roundabouts • Preparation of reports on various highway projects • Preparing design drawings in accordance with internationally recognized standard formats using AutoCAD. • Reviewing the quality of design and drafting works completed by other parties for compliance with original design intent and internationally recognized best practice. • Undertaking any other duties as assigned by the Team Leader • Mentoring and guiding the supporting CAD(Computer Aid Design) operators • Advising and supporting the Team Leader and project team members on any technical design issues arising from the projects • Quality control of all work performed by contractors in the Supervision projects. • Audit checking of on-site construction against intent of the road design and reporting findings to the team leader • Estimating quantities and cost of materials, equipment, or labour to determine project feasibility and Construction cost. Achievements • Recognized for ground location survey, geometric design and project cost estimate of a 300km rural road with within the deadline.(Goro- Harodibe-Filtu Road Project) • Completed the detailed geometric design and preparation of technical drawings for 80km international rural road project in association with an Indian based company called SPAN. • During Route selection period, I have implemented a new method of identifying alternative routes using new technology of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Google earth imagery in addition to the available topographic maps using Global Mapper and Arc GIS. • I have also studied and implemented a recent version of Highway Design software called MX-Road that can perform design of road in a relatively short time. •Developed MS Excel programs to design and amend geometric elements of a road with in a short period of time using MX-Road. • Assists the team leader in the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

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