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Location: Africa, Ghana

Nationality: Lebanese

Desired Location: Africa , Ghana

Gender: Male

Age: 30 Yrs


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I am a 27 years old male having a BE in Mechanical I worked 4 years in the industrial sector in Lebanon for the majority of the big companies in Lebanon like cement plants:(Holcim, Cimenterie National) Indevco: (unipak, Tissue mill) Lebanese chemical company, Liban Cable......And 1 year aboard as technical consultant. Having skills in steel fabrication, production lines assembly and commissioning, maintaining heavy duty equipment, preventive maintenance. Management skills started from team leading, under pressure working, production engineer and total production maintenance coordinator. Looking for new challenges and greater responsibilities. some knowledge Preventive maintenance, project management, team leader, Supply chain management,Mechanical equipment installation, Steel fabrication, Energy, cement production, piping, long shift working, scheduling, organizing different tasks,5s rules, negotiating, CAD,


ECM s.a.r.l

Production engineer

ECM s.a.r.l

Manufacturing preventive maintenance production technical servicing

Jun 2012 - Sep 2015 , 3 year 2 months

An Engineering company that provides structural design shop drawings, construction, supervision, consultancy, steel structure installation, and mechanical equipment installation. Work Scope: production engineer, steel structure designer, factory director, and site engineer (Team Leader) Duties: 1- Holcim, Lebanon: Manufacturing of a steel structure and installation of a complete combined cycle for energy recovery including three heat exchangers and a turbine for electricity production. 2- Holcim¬_Exprom, preparation of 2 stations for medium voltage transformers and switchgears. 3- Holcim, Lebanon: Manufacturing and installation of an air slide (cement transportation line) 4- Holcim, Lebanon: Manufacturing of a steel structure and installation of an automatic cement packing machine. 5- Holcim-Lebanon: two annual kiln shut down, general revision for the entire plant including mechanical equipment maintenance and steel structure. 6- Cimenterie Nationale: installation of a steel structure and a “Polycome” with different mechanical equipment and hydraulic fittings. 7- Cimenterie Nationale: installation of an anti-dusting filter and 120m vertical elevator. 8- LCC (Lebanon Chemicals Company): Design, shop drawing, fabrication, and installation of various steel structures. 9- LCC (Lebanon Chemicals Company): Fabrication and installation of two heat exchangers. 10- Sidem: reallocation of an electrical oven for Aluminum tempering 11- Sidem: inspection and reporting of design failure in the power plant. 12- Unipak: installation of a steam pipe line including all the fittings; boiler, high pressure vessel, steam drummer, and economizer. 13- Unipak: reallocation of hydraulic pumps and systems. 1. 13-Tissue Mill: steam pipe installation, steel fabrication, steel installation, changing and maintaining the mechanical equipment of the main production line. 14- Liban Cable: installation of a new production line including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic equipment. 15- Sicomo: installation of a steam pipe line and general maintenance


Head of mechanical supervision


Energy, Mega power plant construction

Sep 2015 - Jun 2016 , 9 months

Thermal Power Plant Expansion Project CCPP (929 MW) in Talimarjan, Uzbekistan. Client: Uzbek-energo (Uzbekistan ministry of power) Vendor: Doosan, Fuji, Mitsubishi Main contractor: Hyundai Engineering & construction (HDEC) Contractor: Tupolang pgu . Subcontractors: K.T.I (BOP piping), (HRSG). Consultant & qualified resourcing of manpower: RCGint, Opec Job description: Consultant for the Uzbek Ministry of Power regarding executive management and technical affaires in the construction of two combined cycle Power Plant (930MW). Duties: 1. Team leader and head of a qualified group of engineers and supervisors with Different nationalities 2. Head of the supervision in the mechanical department; planning, preparing schedules, and checking daily reports as well as progress reports. 3. Assist client in international codes and standards, insure the application of the appropriate protocol and professional coordination between client, Vendors, main contractors & subcontractors. 4. Checking weekly site progress and reporting to the ministry of power of Uzbekistan. 5. supervising and verifying the Schedule and installation procedures of the contractors 6. Supervising the contractors during the erection of Mechanical Equipment of Combined Cycle Power Plant( Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine, Pumps, Condenser, HRSG) 7. Coordinating between contractor, Vendors, transportation companies & site stores for supply of material, coordination with HO for clarity on drawings, coordination with consultant at site for protocol signature, with Site QA/QC for NDE/QA clearance etc. 8. Provide consultation in engineering problems, verify the method statement and the lifting and rigging plan of 2 heavy lifting (60 Ton up to 350 Ton). 9. Supervision of the following Alignment, Insulation, Piping Hydro testing and pneumatic test, Mechanical equipment installation And steel structure erection. 10. Managing manpower on site in terms of Quantity, daily working hours and shifts to insure delivery by deadlines.

Cemonit (GH) Limited

Consultant for plant managing

Cemonit (GH) Limited

Management, technical support (consulting contract)

Jun 2016 - Oct 2016 , 4 months
Ghana, Accra

Cemonit was a producer of asbestos cement roofing sheet and pipe. It has been one of the leading companies in Ghana for the last 35 years. Holding more than 400 employees divided among several groups: direct manpower, indirect manpower, operators, technicians, supervisors, QC/QA, engineers, administration, financial and accounting. The production stopped in 2014 because asbestos use was banned in Ghana. In 2016, the owners shifted to asbestos free products Job Description: Consult the owner, technical people and management people available in the company to Troubleshoot and optimize the production lines with de new material and new product Also manage and put procedures organizing production and man power. Duties: 1. Troubleshoot the old production lines available in the factory into using new material (cement pulp, fiber and microsilicat). 2. Optimize the process interns of quantities and percentage of usage for each material. 3. Insure proper application of QC / QA in order to insure the quality of row materials prior to usage and implement testing procedures on the products prior to being released to the market. 4. Provide instructions to the indirect manpower such as supervisors, the head of mechanical maintenance, the head of electrical maintenance, the head of QC/QA. 5. Provide instructions to operators on the new technics and integrate solution for the emerging problems. 6. Operate new installed sections that are upgraded to use new material (pulp grinder, microsilicat & pulp mixing tanks, flocculants mixers and supply pumps) and instruct new operators. 7. Upgrade and renovate what is supposed to be renovated in terms of pumps, gear boxes, electrical motors, rollers, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, mixers, screens and felts. 8. Restore and manage procedures to insure stock availability for spare parts and consumables in factory stores. 9. Introduce and apply new procedures for preventive maintenance and break down time management 10. Apply supply chain management procedures to insure row material availability in accordance with cash flow and goods available in the stock for sales demand. 11. Reach maximum production possible that a production line will be able to supply by shift in the purpose to get the real cost of the product.

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