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Posted: 20 Aug 2017
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Asia , Bahrain
Posted: 12 Nov 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Kenya , Mombasa
Posted: 09 Nov 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Rwanda , Nyarugenge
Posted: 08 Nov 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania
Posted: 01 Nov 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Kenya
Last updated: 30 Oct 2016 13:39
Posted: 30 Oct 2016 13:34
Gender: Male
Age: 49 years
Location: North America, Mexico
Nationality: Mexicana
About Person
I am an analytical, reliable, with capacity for decision-making, goal-oriented, proactive, easy adaptation to the environment. I am able to coordinate complex operation, able to analyze and integrate the relevant information of the value chain of products
General Info
Profession: Administrative Informatics
Experience: 25 years 6 months
Category: Administrative
Employment: Full-Time
Desired place: North America , Mexico , Monterrey
Salary: Negotiable
Experience #1
Name Company: Los Cactus
Scope Activity: Administrative
City: Monterrey
Post: Manager
Period: Sep 2015 - Oct 2015
Responsibilities: Opening a Mexican food restaurant, leading the administrative and operational functions. I defined menu and material suppliers of raw, design costing model for the formulation of dishes, I developed database to capture and statistical sales, trained staff for the preparation and presentation of dishes and additions, and I detailed the procedure for inventory control of raw materials and inputs.
Experience #2
Name Company: Sigma Alimentos
Scope Activity: Administrative, sales, supply chain
City: Monterrey
Post: Operative Control Manager
Period: Oct 1989 - Feb 2015
Responsibilities: 1989 – 2015. Sigma Alimentos. Occupying the following positions: 2010 – 2015. Operative Control Manager. Responsibilities: Generate financial analysis and reports, management models, business analysis, variable cost and KPI’s. Production programs, forecasting, distribution and inventory levels of prepared foods products. Results: In set with my team work optimize inventory levels, reducing by 60% the cost of storage of raw materials and we managed to increase by 4% service level in finished product. I designed a cost projection model that allowed react to changes in raw material prices and exchange rates avoiding shrinking margins. 2009 – 2010. Regional Sales Manager. Responsibilities: Develop sales teams to supermarkets in 10 branches of the west-central region, ensuring a run of excellence. Managing sales force of +100 people. Results: We obtained the first place of meeting targets in sales contest. Product seizures declined 45%. 2006 – 2009. Operative Control Manager Prepared Food. Responsibilities: Coordinate efforts in the areas of production, distribution, commercial, marketing, human capital to launch consumer products leading brand in its category. I designed a presentation to management team and evaluation models to sales force. Results: I coordinated multidisciplinary teams, achieving with success the times set for the launch of the product in the market. I developed the management model allowing you to focus on sales and marketing budget. 2001 -2006. Head of Information (Business and Marketing). Responsibilities: Develop statements of income for commercial areas, variance analysis, business indicators, budgets, monitoring objectives and key variables. Channel national administration detail prices. Results: I optimize management of price lists and discount traditional channel, centralizing its operation and eliminating discretionary discounts. Processes for inventory control of packaging materials were certified.
Level: Bachelor
City: Monterrey
Faculty, Specialty: Administrative Informatics
Period: Aug 1985 - Dec 1989
About Education: Administrative, accounting, analysis, cost, logical process
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