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Posted: 14 Apr 2017
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania , Dar es Salaam
Posted: 09 Mar 2017
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania
Posted: 28 Dec 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania , Arusha
Posted: 19 Dec 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Uganda , Kampala
Posted: 09 Dec 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania
Daniel Makala
Last updated: 01 Nov 2016 07:42
Posted: 01 Nov 2016 07:28
Gender: Male
Age: 33 years
Location: Africa, Tanzania
Nationality: Tanzanian
Phone: +255784892867
About Person
I have master degree in Finance from Starthclyde university. I can adapt to any environment, this means i can live and work with different kind of people. I am quick learner of new things, and in addition to that I have a very creative mind.
General Info
Profession: IT/Finance
Experience: 8 years 3 months
Category: Accounting/Finance
Employment: Full-Time
Desired place: Africa , Tanzania , Morogoro
Salary: Negotiable
Files: Msc Finance     IT    
Experience #1
Name Company: Tanzania Electric Supply Conpany Ltd (TANESCO)
Scope Activity: Reliable Network, with reasonable speed for better perfomabce
City: Morogoro
Post: Head of IT Department
Period: Oct 2012 - Nov 2016
Responsibilities: Develop Budget Deal ICT matter Design Impliment and Maintain ICT Network Infrastructure Study Trend of Business Training User in new systems Regional Management decision making Server configuration
Experience #2
Name Company: E- Fulusi Africa
Scope Activity: Better perfonce of the business
City: Dar Es Salaam
Post: Accountant
Period: Feb 2011 - Sep 2012
Responsibilities: Develop Budget Deal with all Payment Manage and Maintain Accounts Deal with Accounting functions Prepare Fiancial Statements
Experience #3
Name Company: E-Fulusi Africa
Scope Activity: Design and Develop Systems as user requirements
City: Dar Es Salaam
Post: Programmer
Period: May 2007 - Nov 2009
Responsibilities: System development. Web development and maintenance Networking Maintenance.
Education #1
Level: Masters
City: Glasglow, Scotland
Institution: Strathclyde University
Faculty, Specialty: Finance
Period: Jan 2010 - Jan 2011
About Education: Finance Management, International Finance, Portfilio Management, Stock Marketing Financial Account, Management Account and Project Management
Education #2
Level: Advanced Diploma
City: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Institution: Institute of Finance Management
Faculty, Specialty: ICT Department
Period: Oct 2006 - Jul 2009
About Education: Software Engineering, Networking Database Server configuration
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