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Posted: 24 Oct 2016
Salary: Negotiable
Desired place: Africa , Cameroon , Yaoundé
Dennis Elekia
Last updated: 08 Dec 2016 19:48
Posted: 08 Dec 2016 19:17
Gender: Male
Age: 45 years
Location: Africa, Kenya
Nationality: Kenyan
Phone: +254722708194
About Person
I have worked in the Hospitality industry in the Tourism sector, as a logistics and security advisor for various companies on filming in the field both local and international, advising and liaising for security courage for the celebrities, film crew and filming equipments within East Africa including Southern Sudan.

I have worked with foreign TV production companies providing security mainly the BBC- UK, Tele5 - Spain, NHK - Japan on freelance basis. 

I have Investigations skill for both Intellectual Property right investigations for Brand owners (Coka Cola, HP, Epson, BAT, Unilever) and as well on Crimes and fraud. Over 18 years on ground.
General Info
Profession: Quality & Assurance Consultant, Agent, Investigator /Product Expert/Anti–counterfeit Enforcer/Executive Protection & Risk Travel Consultant
Experience: 18 years 6 months
Category: Security
Employment: Full-Time
Desired place: Africa , Kenya , City Estate
Salary: Negotiable
Experience #1
Name Company: Kenya Police Unit
Scope Activity: Law and Order
City: Nairobi
Post: Constable
Period: May 1994 - Feb 1998
Responsibilities: THE GENERAL SERVICE UNIT (KENYA POLICE FORCE) – Police Constable A reserve unit to deal with special operations and civil disorder. The Unit charged with responsibilities which included: * Security to H.E. the President of Kenya. * Security to state houses and state lodges * Security to Vital installations and strategic points. * Security to foreign Airlines. * Anti-poaching patrols. * Escort of currencies, Arms and ammunition, dangerous criminals and tourists in the parks. *Any other duty assigned by the Commissioner of police.
Experience #2
Name Company: Tekko Tours & Travel
Scope Activity: Security Coordination
City: Nairobi
Post: Filming Security Officer
Period: Feb 1998 - Mar 2005
Responsibilities: 13TH FEBRUARY 1998 – 04TH MARCH 2005 Organizations I have done filming security include: * Nihon Hoso Kyokai TV (JAPAN). Documentary titled “The night runner” – shooting done in Nairobi, Kisumu, Homa-bay Kisii only during the nights for a period of 10 days. * Manned security in collaboration with The Kenya Wildlife Service in documentary title “Poachers and Elephants of Tsavo” the coverage lasted for 3 weeks in Tsavo West National Park with Nippon Television Network Corporation from Japan.  Provided security for Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc., under the title “Witchcraft and Traditional medicines in Africa” a documentary which was done in Kibera and Western Kenya for 8 days. * Provided Security coverage for Cinematic Solution on various occasions on the Commercial documentaries in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Western Kenya.
Experience #3
Name Company: Freelancer
Scope Activity: Security Advisor
City: Nairobi
Period: Sep 2005 - Jun 2010
Responsibilities: * Patrolling in outside the filming Camps during day and night. * Providing VIP protection to deserving VIPs/ Celebrities. * Provision of guard duties with the locals with the locals. * Facilitating VIPs protection with uniformed armed personnel * Controlling and regulating guard duty roster with the filming camps I have worked with various companies both Local and International Firms, just to mention a few; most of my clients references can be found on website. Project Just to mention a few; 1. Managed Security of Mission Africa – “Mission Africa” is a 12 part series which follows 15 trainees from the building trade, selected from hundreds of applicants across the UK, embarking on a difficult mission in the African Bush. In a location in Samburu, under Diverse Bristol Limited (UK) Presenter: Nick Knowles and Ken Hames. The shooting was done for 4 weeks. 2. Provided Security for – Feed the Children “Street Kids” in Kibera and Dandora slums– 3 days documentary shooting. 3. BBC – Comic Relief – Saving Life in the Slums – Location in heart of Kibera – 4 days documentary shooting. 4. Provided Security coverage for BBC under Comic Relief – Documentary titled “American Idols gives back” – Documentary included footage of hosts Celebrities Ryan Seacrest and judge Simon Cowell (both who are American Idols) who visited poverty-stricken slum (Kibera) in Kenya, for a period of 5 days. 5. Provided security for Comic Relief – documentary titled Kicoshep documentary – Aids awareness campaign in Kibera Slums. The Shooting was done for 7 days 6. Provided security coverage for Tele5 (Spanish TV station) documentary under the title “Spanish Nationals in Kenya” for 18 days. 7. Assisted in security for Photographer Jade Loop - photography and documentary under the title Siemens Medical Aids – Kibera Slums. The shooting was done in 15 days. 8. Assisted in Security coverage for Press play Productions (UK) under Left Right TV, documentary titled “Masai Beads/ passing of rite (Age)” of an English girl done on the slope of Kilimanjaro- Amboseli, the shooting took 8 days. The documentary was for Ms. Amanda Tillander, of that network’s series “My Super Sweet 16,”former star in The caption of the documentary appeared on The New York Times by Elizabeth Jensen Published: August 23, 2008. 9. Manned security coverage for The Dragons Den Team Theo Paphitis, Duncan Bannatyne, Deborah Meaden, and James Caan, In Kibera Slums for 8 days. 10. Security coverage for retired England footballer Alan Shearer OBE, in Nairobi and Kisumu while on poverty/soccer talents campaign documentary shooting. 11. Coverage for NHK-Japan – Documentary channel TV, shooting a Luo family child up bring documentary in Kisumu. 12. Coverage and Security coverage for Warren Buffet on his charity tour in Kenya. 13. Coverage for Maria Eitel - President Nike Foundation
Experience #4
Name Company: Halliday Finch International
Scope Activity: Advance Security Advisor
City: Nairobi
Post: Advance Security Advisor
Period: Aug 2012 - Jan 2014
Responsibilities: Advance Security Advisor - BBCMA (British Broadcasting Media Action - Kenya). * Served as security lead for the travelling delegation and act as focal point for all security related matters. * Accompany the delegation throughout all activities. * Establish any necessary contact with local agencies, including national intelligence agencies and Police Services if appropriate. Provide an initial link and act as Single Point of Contact (SPoC) in the event of additional (potentially armed) security assets being required, after gauging local atmospherics. * Assist with journey management and trip logistics. * Coordinate all Command, Control and Communications (C3) functions.
Experience #5
Name Company: Halliday Finch International
Scope Activity: Investigations, Escorts, Travel Advisor
City: Nairobi
Post: Investigator /Product Expert/Anti - counterfeit Enforcer/Executive Protection & Risk Travel Consultant.
Period: Aug 2012 - Jan 2014
Responsibilities: Consultancy services for various companies – On security related services i.e. Coalition Security Services Limited, Vetted International, Unilever - Kenya and Halliday Finch Africa Investigator /Product Expert/Anti - counterfeit Enforcer/Executive Protection & Risk Travel Consultant. I travel to different countries in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Morocco and Uganda. * Investigating and enforcement on Anti-counterfeit trade on behalf of BAT, KAPA OIL, Hewlett Packard (HP), Unilever Kenya, Coke Cola, Samsung and Epson. In Kenya and Internationally. * Providing VIP protection to deserving VIPs/ Celebrities. * Providing Supervisory support to Operations room on company guards assigned to HFs clients. * Liaising with Anti-counterfeit and Police units with the different countries on enforcement plan. * Providing Close Protection Services and Risk Evaluation prior to clients’ arrival.
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