SA Workers Red Carpet Ceremony

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Category: Automotive, Motorcycle & Marine
Type: Exhibitions
Period: 31 May 2019 - 31 May 2019
Address: Johannesburg, South Africa
About :

Honouring the contributions and resilience of South African workers.

BMK Advanced Corporate Training will be hosting first ever; SA Workers Red Carpet Ceremony. Scheduled to take place on 31 May 2019 at Emperors Palace and Convention Center Johannesburg. The month of May has been declared the Workers' Month, which commences with Workers Day on 1 May. This is the month where the protection of workers by unions is celebrated, and the importance of organised labour is emphasised. However little has been done to Celebrate, Honor and Appreciate the resilient and contribution of South African workers; who tirelessly continue to build the economy of our Nation. 

Why Workers Red Carpet Ceremony

- The event will complement workers day and make the month of May have more meaning to the South African Workers. It doesn't matter whether employees are part of a manufacturing facility or merely work on the phone all day handling billing and customer complaints or government employees; no organisation could operate without them. They are the reason South Africa is where it is today. 

- This day will also serve as a reminder to all working class to continue celebrating the fruits of their labour and address challenges that still lie ahead. 

- The event will also help to raise funds for CWENA and 5K Red Walk Africa Charitable Organizations.

Employee experience is a determining factor in productivity, retention, and a company's bottom line, which is why celebrating workers contribution it is vital for the company growth, therefore, leading to our country growing economy. 

Rolling out the red carpet and make workers feel like stars!

Doors will be open from 8.30am for registration

Event start at 10am

As workers arrive at the venue, they are greeted by a haze of flashes and compliments from our paparazzi, media and celebrities delivering a warm welcome to put everyone in the mood for the day ahead.

- The event will feature media coverage, 
- A red carpet entrance and reception with paparazzi, 
- Media interviews, photo opportunities, 
- Live entertainments a sit-down buffet lunch.
- Swag bags that will definitely be a surprise and of course, waiting of the grand prize from the luck draw....A brand new car!


Additional Details

Address Johannesburg, South Africa


Name: BMK advanced corporate training

Email: i***@*****************.**.**

Contact : *******001

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