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World food south sudan

  • Africa , South Sudan
  • From 3 year(s)
  • Administrative


Job Description

We are looking for Driver



• Knowledge of driving rules and regulations, chauffeur protocol and courtesies, local roads/waterways and conditions, and security issues. • Knowledge of the vehicle loading capacity and other parameters. • Knowledge of driving/boat operating rules and regulations whichever applicable. • Knowledge of safety standards and safety equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, buoyant wearable safety devices, etc.). • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals. • Basic skills to assist in case of emergency, knowledge of first aid basic methods. • Knowledge and ability to use radio, email, telephone and other applications. • Ability to assess vehicles for mechanical fitness and skills in minor vehicle repairs. • Ability to demonstrate a client-oriented approach, high sense of responsibility, courtesy and tact.

1. Provide transportation of authorized personnel including translation of basic conversations from/to the local language, and/or delivery of various items/commodities following authorized routing and UN safety and security rules and regulations to ensure safe and efficient services. 2. Meet official personnel and visitors at the airport or other entry points and provide basic assistance with visa and customs formalities to facilitate smooth and safe entry and arrival to the authorised destinations. 3. Responsible for accurate maintenance of the vehicle log books, and daily reporting to the supervisor on mechanical status, to ensure efficient vehicle use and fuel consumption supporting accurate accounting and cost-efficiency. 4. Responsible that the assigned vehicle is kept clean and in a good condition including all equipment, the maintenance is done on time, vehicle is fully equipped with required travel authorisations and supplies, and any mechanical issues are reported to the supervisor to ensure safe and efficient services. 5. Follow established rules and regulations for field deliveries and/or in cases of an accident, and report immediately to the supervisor on any apparent problems, to seek for instructions and facilitate informative decisions on the way forward. 6. Outside driving duties, perform basic office related tasks such as filing, photocopying and maintaining stores when required including delivery/collection of various items, mailing service and payment of office telephone and other bills to ensure administrative support to clients

Company Profile

World food south sudan

South Sudan spreads over 644,000 km square at the meeting point between the Horn of Africa and the centre of the continent. Independent since 2011, the world’s newest country is also one of its least developed. There are no precise population figures: the latest census, conducted in 2008, is not considered an accurate reflection of current demographics. In 2014, The World Bank estimated there were 11.91 million South Sudanese, four in ten of them aged 14 or younger.


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