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Education Project Manager
Posted: 15 Dec 2016 06:55
Deadline: 27 Dec 2016
Category: Management
Location: Africa , South Sudan
Employment: Full-Time
Education: Bachelor
Salary: Negotiable
About Company: World Vision has been working in South Sudan since 1989 and was one of the few aid agencies that provided emergency assistance during war to the displaced populations in what was then the Southern Sudan region of Sudan. After the country became independent in 2011, World Vision began recovery and development activities.
Phone: N/A
Contact name: MD
File: Download
• Minimum Qualification required: Degree in Education, Social Sciences or a relevant field with professional
technical experience, including 3 years implementing education programmes in South Sudan.
• Demonstrated experience in capacity building, project design and budget management.
• Strong understanding of South Sudan operational context.
• Experience: 23
years with International NGO;
• Technical Skills & Abilities:
o Excellent computer skills in Excel, Word & Sunsystems
o Good planning and organizational skills
o Tact and diplomacy in dealing with staffrelated
to work environment needs
o Ability to maintain effective working relationships with all levels of staff.
o Excellent analytical, written and computer skills.
o Fluency in English and Arabic.
N.B: This position is open to South Sudanese Nationals Only.
• Pilot the Empowering Children as Peace builders (ECAP) programme and Kids Club Model in Rajaf to
improve the holistic spiritual nurture and peacebuilding skills of boys and girls in South Sudan
• Ensure implementation of the Project is according to national guidelines, and programme objectives.
• Update and manage key project management tools including Detailed Implementation Plan, Indicator
Tracking, Budget/Spending Plan, Procurement Plan & Tracker, etc. to ensure that the Project is well supported
and implemented according to the timeframe and approved budget
• Engage community in project implementation planning, identification of villages for location of Kids Clubs, and
establishment of child protection committees.
• Organise and conduct a partners’ workshop on contextualisation of the ECAP programme.
• Establish mobile libraries and ICT stations.
• Ensure the Project complements other WVSS projects and programmes, especially those implemented in the
same area.
• Partner, coordinate and network with the County Education Office, churches, Search for Common Ground,
other WVSS programmes, community and other stakeholders to positively impact the lives of children and
maintain effective working relationships.
• Train Kids Club facilitators.
• Oversee formation of Kids Clubs in schools.
• Adopt the Peace Road Curriculum to suit the context of South Sudan and train Project Officers on the same.
• In conjunction with WVSS Supply Chain, maintain adequate supply of education materials for project
• Write and render internal and external project implementation reports in a timely manner, using WVSS and
donor formats, as required.
• Monitor and evaluate project implementation and achievement.
• Regularly conduct assessments to provide an overview of emerging needs and situations on the ground and
suggest appropriate intervention strategies.
• Document children’s most significant change stories.
• Support, supervise and mentor Project Officers; and where necessary, provide a surge of capacity and skills
transfer to field teams directly involved in project implementation.
• When necessary, assist in the development of education concept notes and proposals in coordination with
the relevant WVSS personnel.
• Possess a working knowledge of children’s rights and policies.
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