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Job description

European Union Special Representative:

The EUSR's mandate shall be based on the Union's policy objectives in relation to the Horn of Africa, as set out in its EU Global Strategy of June 2016, its Strategic Framework for the Horn of Africa adopted on 14 November 2011, the Horn of Africa Regional Action Plan 2015-2020, adopted on 26 October 2015, and in relevant Council conclusions, namely to contribute actively to regional and international efforts to achieve peaceful coexistence and lasting peace, security and development within and among the countries in the region. The EUSR shall furthermore contribute to enhancing the quality, intensity, impact and visibility of the Union's multi-faceted engagement in the Horn of Africa.

The policy objectives to which the EUSR shall contribute shall include, inter alia:

(a) the continued stabilization of the Horn of Africa, taking into account broader regional dynamics;
(b) the resolution of conflicts, specifically those in Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan, and the prevention and early warning of potential conflicts between or within countries in the region;
(c) support for political, security and economic regional cooperation, in particular in the context of renewed political engagement between the Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD);
(d) improved management of mixed migration flows from and within the Horn of Africa, addressing also the root causes of such flows and their humanitarian aspects;
(e) security around the Red Sea.

Main tasks for this vacancy

  1. Drafting of the annual budget, including for local offices in Africa;
  2. Bookkeeping and implementation of accounting operations and postings;
  3. Bank, credit cards and petty cash reconciliation;
  4. Processing of invoices for payment and management of payments;
  5. Processing mission reimbursements;
  6. Maintaining and ensuring follow up on the inventory list;
  7. Procurement of supplies and services;
  8. Management of Human Resources of the EUSR office, including preparation of employment contracts and liaison with local social and tax partners;
  9. Monthly and quarterly reporting;
  10. Yearly closure and preparation of annual financial accounts;
  11. Maintenance of complete audit trail for all financial operations;
  12. Ensuring annual external audit and the follow up thereto;
  13. Suggesting modifications/improvements to procedures, as required;
  14. Providing information and advice to management;
  15. Monitoring and supporting field offices on the validity and conformity of administrative and financial procedures, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  16. Working in close collaboration with the Commission, Council and EEAS Secretariat, as well as relevant Belgian authorities;
  17. Any other tasks to fulfil the mandate of the EUSR as requested by the EUSR.

Job requirements

A) Eligibility criteria

Candidates will be considered eligible for selection on the basis of the following formal criteria to be fulfilled by the deadline for applications:

  1. Have a level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma and, after having obtained the university diploma, at least 6 years of appropriate professional experience, or have a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education, and after having obtained the diploma, at least 9 years of appropriate professional experience;
  2. Be nationals of one of the Member States of the European Union, Lichtenstein, Norway and Switzerland;
  3. Be entitled to their full rights as citizens;
  4. Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by the laws on military service;
  5. Strong communication and written skills of the English language;
  6. Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
  7. Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post.

B) Selection criteria

If the eligibility criteria set out in section A) Eligibility criteria are met, the candidates’ applications will be evaluated on the basis of the following selection criteria.


  1. Have a minimum of 6 years of proven professional experience in finance and/or accounting and/or financial audit;
  2. Have a minimum of 1 year of proven professional experience in ex-ante or ex-post financial verification of payments and other financial transactions, for instance as Financial Initiating or Verifying Agent;
  3. Excellent written and oral command of English.


  1. Have a minimum of 3 year of full-time professional experience gained in an international organisation;
  2. Knowledge of regulated public procurement and contract management;
  3. Knowledge of the EU General Financial Regulation and EU Framework Financial Regulation or the financial regulation applicable to EUSRs or CSDP missions;
  4. Knowledge and understanding of off-the-shelf or tailored IT systems for financial transactions management;
  5. Working knowledge of French language;
  6. Experience in establishing of fully operational main office with regional branches.

C) Selection and appointment

Eligibility of candidates will be assessed by a Selection Committee according to compliance with all eligibility criteria by the closing date for the submission of applications. The applications of the eligible candidates will also be assessed against the selection criteria. Following this assessment, the best ranking candidates will be invited for a phone interview, which will be held in English. The candidates who perform successfully will then be invited to an on-site interview with the Selection Committee also in English. The Selection Committee will draft a shortlist of successful candidates to the EUSR who acts as an Appointing Authority. He will then propose for appointment the most suitable candidate and establish a reserve list for the post in question.

Prior to signing the contract, the successful candidate will be asked to bring originals and copies of the documents listed below:

  • A document proving their citizenship (e.g. passport);
  • Certificates attesting their educational and professional qualifications, in particular those giving access to the profile in question;
  • Documentation evidencing the professional experience acquired after obtaining the qualification that enabled the candidate to be eligible for the post. The documents must clearly indicate exact dates of employment (start date and end date), type of employment (part-time or full-time) and the nature of the duties carried out.

D) Conditions of employment

The Financial and Administrative Assistant will be appointed by the EUSR, upon recommendation of the Selection Committee, following the selection procedure. He/she will be recruited as a Local staff under Belgian law. He/she will be recruited on full-time basis in Function Group III from the grid for Local agents. The Grade and salary remuneration will be established after thorough assessment of the provided supported documentation with regard to all previous relevant professional experience prior to the recruitment.

E) Closing date of applications

Please follow this link in order to apply for this vacancy . The closing date for submission of the applications is 19 January 2020. All applications received after this date will be disregarded. Applicants are strongly advised not to wait until the date of the deadline. Any delays in submission of applications due to technical difficulties or any other factors that may arise will not be accepted. If a candidate is found to have provided false information at any stage in the selection procedure, the EUSR is within its capacity to disqualify the candidate in question.

F) Starting date:

March/April 2020.

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