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Programme Analyst
Posted: 05 May 2017 10:11
Deadline: 14 May 2017
Category: Business & Finance
Location: Africa , Swaziland
Employment: Full-Time
Experience: From 2 year(s)
Education: Masters
Salary: Negotiable
About Company: UNDP is a global knowledge network advocating for human development and connecting countries to knowledge, experiences and resources to help people build a better life. UNDP works with countries to develop and implement their own solutions to development challenges. Aligned with the Swaziland National Development Strategy (NDS 2013-2022), the UNDAF (2016-2020) and UNDP Strategic Plan, we are committed to supporting the government and people of Swaziland in the following areas: (a) poverty and inequality reduction, inclusive growth and sustainable development; (b) equitable and efficient delivery and access to social services; and (c) good governance and accountability. UNDP contribution is to the first and third UNDAF priority areas through three mutually reinforcing and supporting outcomes, revolving around: (a) inclusive economic growth and sustainable development; (b) resilience and risk reduction, incorporating sustainable natural resource management; and (c) good governance, equity and citizen participation. As durable change in these areas also requires effective governance, the country programme supports the promotion of accountability and transparency through citizen participation. The programme promotes an equitable and human rights-based approach to development, e.g., by increasing voice and participation, particularly for women and youth.
Phone: +255Tel: +268 2404-2301/2/3/4 Fax: +268
Contact name: UNDP-Swaziland
File: Download
Required Skills and Experience
Master’s  Degree  or  equi val ent  i n  Economi cs,  Pol i ti cal   Sci ences,  Publ i c  Admi ni strati on,  Soci al
Sci ences, or rel ated fi el d.
At  l east  2  years  of  rel event  experi ence  at  the  nati onal   or  i nternati onal   l evel   i n  provi di ng
management  and  substanti ve    advi sory  servi ces,  hands­on  experi ence  i n  desi gn,  moni tori ng
and eval uati on of devel opment proj ects.
Experi ence i n the usage of computers and offi ce software packages, experi ence i n handl i ng of
web based management systems and soci al  knowl edge networks
Language requirement
Engl i sh and Si swati  profi ency i s requi red.
Duties and Responsibilities
1.          Ensures  implementation  of  programme  strategies  in  the  Programme  Support,  DAT
focusing on achievement of the following results:
Thorough  analysis  and  research  of  the  pol i ti cal ,  social   and  economic  situation  in  the
country and preparation of substantive inputs on programmatic instruments.
Identification of areas for support and interventions within the thematic/sectoral  areas
assigned,  especially  in  the  areas  of  Human rights,  participation  and  democratic
representation,  access  to  justice,  transparency  and  anti ­corruption,  citizen  security,
decentralizati on.
Design of new initiatives and project proposals in the above sectoral  areas in line with the Country Programme document of UNDP Swaziland.
The  incumbent  will   contribute  to  the  promotion  and  observation  of  the  UNDP  Gender
Equality Strategy 2014-2017 particularly with regard to the mainstreaming of HIV and gender equality in all  programes and projects under her/his management.
.          Ensures  effective  management  of  the  CO  programme  within  the  thematic/sectoral
reasassigned  focusing  on  quality  control   from  formulati on  to  i mplementation  of  the  country
rogramme achieving the following result:
Effective  application  of  RBM  tools,  establishment  of  management  targets  (BSC)  and
monitoring achievement of results.
Design and formulation of CO programme within the area of responsibility, translating
UNDP’s priorities into local  interventions. Coordinati on of programme implementation
with  the  executing  agencies.  Introduction  of  performance  indicators/  success  criteria,
cost recovery, targets and milestones.
Initiation  of  a  project,  presentation  of  the  project  to  PAC,  entering  project  into  Atlas,
finalization  of  contribution  agreement;  determination  of  required  revisions;
coordination  of  the  mandatory  and  budget  rephasing  exercise,  closure  of  projects
through review. Programme Analyst can perform functions of Manager Level  1 i n Atlas
for POs and vouchers approval , participates i n recruitment processes for projects.
Financial   and  substantive  monitoring  and  evaluati on  of  the  projects,  identification  of
operational  and financial  problems, development of solutions. Participation i n audit of NEXT projects.
Fol l ow up on audit recommendations. All  exceptions are timely reported.
Analysis of requirements and synthesis of proposal s for the planning, preparation and
management  of  specific  thematic,  country  programme/project  eval uati ons  and  other
types of eval uati ons.
Inputs  to  the  eval uati on  work­pl an,  anal ysi s  and  proposal s  on  topi cs,  and
proj ects/programme to be eval uated.
Promoti on  of  eval uati on  standards,  qual i ty  assurance/control   and  capaci ty
devel opment i n the Country Offi ce.
Aggregate  reports  are  regul arl y  prepared  on  acti vi ti es,  outputs  and  outcomes.
Preparati on of donor reports.
3.              Ensures  creation  of  strategic  partnerships  and  implementation  of  the
resourcemobilization  strategy  in  cooperation  with  the  Management  Support  and
Development Impact Teams focusi ng on achi evement of the fol l owi ng resul ts:
Devel opment  of  partnershi ps  wi th  the  UN  Agenci es,  IFI’s,  government  i nsti tuti ons,  bi ­
l ateral   and  mul ti ­l ateral   donors,  pri vate  sector,  ci vi l   soci ety  i n  the  speci fi c  themati c
areas  based  on  strategi c  goal s  of  UNDP,  country  needs  and  donors’   pri ori ti es.  Of
parti cul ar i mportance i s the management of rel ati onshi ps wi th the Gl obal  Envi ronment
Faci l i ty,  i ts  Smal l s  Grants  Programme,  i n  cl ose  coordi nati on  wi th  Nati onal ,  Regi onal
and Gl obal  Coordi nators of these Trust Funds and i ni ti ati ves.
Anal ysi s  and  research  of  i nformati on  on  donors,  preparati on  of  substanti ve  bri efs  i n
cl ose  col l aborati on  wi th  Academi a  and  top  notch  practi ti oners,  on  possi bl e  areas  of
cooperati on,  i denti fi cati on  of  opportuni ti es  for  i ni ti ati on  of  new  proj ects,  acti ve
contri buti on to the overal l  offi ce effort i n resource mobi l i zati on.
Mobi l i ze  resource  i n  support  of  the  new  proj ect  proposal s  to  be  desi gned  under  thi s
assi gnment as wel l  as other regi onal  i ni ti ati ves on Programme Support, DAT.
4.          Ensures  provision  of  top  quality  advisory  services  and  facilitation  of
knowledgebuilding and management focusi ng on achi evement of the fol l owi ng resul ts:
Identi fi cati on  of  sources  of  i nformati on  rel ated  to  pol i cy­dri ven  i ssues.  Identi fi cati on
and  synthesi s  of  best  practi ces  and  l essons  l earnt  di rectl y  l i nked  to  programme
country pol i cy goal s.
Support  to  devel opment  of  pol i ci es  and  i nsti tuti ons  that  wi l l   address  the  country
probl ems  and  needs  i n  col l aborati on  wi th  the  Government  and  other  strategi c
Sound  contri buti ons  to  knowl edge  networks  and  communi ti es  of  practi ce  wi th
parti cul ar attenti on to best practi ces publ i shed i n soci al  networks such as Teamworks,
Fusi on, Twi tter etc.
Organi zati on of trai ni ngs for the operati ons/ proj ects staff on programme i ssues.
Impact of Results:
The  key  resul ts  have  an  i mpact  on  the  success  of  country  programme  wi thi n  the  area  of
Programme  Support,  DAT.  In  parti cul ar,  the  key  resul ts  have  an  i mpact  on  the  desi gn,
operati on and programmi ng of acti vi ti es, creati on of strategi c partnershi ps as wel l  as reachi ng
resource mobi l i zati on targets i n l i ne wi th the country programme.
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