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Garoowe Emergency and livelihoods market assessment
Posted: 23 Jun 2017 09:00
Deadline: 07 Jul 2017
Category: Administrative
Location: Africa , Somalia , Adego
Employment: Full-Time
Experience: From 8 year(s)
Education: Bachelor
Salary: Negotiable
About Company: Somalia is one of the hardest place on earth to be a child. Decades of civil war have left the country mired in poverty and in many places without a functioning state. But despite the difficult circumstances, we continue to work in Somalia to give children a better future.
Contact name:
File: Download
The consultant shall have a university degree in Social Sciences or related subject and 8 years of experience in market assessment including use of key methodologies such as HEA, EMMA, MIFIRA etc. Experience in working in Somalia is essential for this work. Ability to travel to Somalia is necessary for this assignment.
To assess market functionality for continued implementation of humanitarian safety net transfers as an appropriate strategy
To assess the structure, conduct and performance of the market and its effect on overall food security in Puntland
Key areas of analysisThe consultancy focus on the following key areas of assessment:
Identify and sketch the supply chain of the 4 products in the target region.
Analyse the historic and current availability of the 4 products in the local markets including potential recent changes and patterns of seasonality.
Analyse the overall market environment in which the 4 product transactions takes place, including relevant government policies and regulations, the (current) socio-political situation, security, road and transport infrastructure
Describe the market structure in terms of actors and institutions of the relevant supply chains to the 4 products, barriers to enter trade or maintain and increase levels of supply, as well as market catchment areas.
Identify limitations that traders may have in expanding their business as well as their purchasing power that may limit them in their expansion efforts.
Analyse the market conduct, i.e. price setting behaviours, weights and standards including the transparency of transactions, competition and potential corruptive behaviour.
Identify key market outcomes such as seasonality and volatility patterns of prices, market integration with supply sources, including physical flow of commodities for the 4 products.
Analyse the potential bottlenecks that traders’ can have for responding to demand increases, e.g. storage facilities, duration of stocks, stock replenishment lead-time, and expected price developments due to increased levels of demand.
Provide/collect price data and develop price scenarios for 4 products. For the case of the cereal prices, the data should help in developing transfers values, and to support cost efficiency/effectiveness analysis, that can facilitate decisions if and when to switch between different transfer modalities or food baskets depending on seasons (i.e. rainy and dry seasons).
Formulate and – if possible – map market related recommendations on i) suitable areas, ii) periods of the year and iii) scale conceivable to support either cash/voucher or in kind based interventions as well as iv) how to address identified bottlenecks for traders to meet increased demand and strengthen respective supply chains.
The consultancy should provide:

Assessment procedures and tools developed in collaboration with SC Food security staff
Training of SC staff on market assessment
Comprehensive emergency and livelihoods market assessment
One-day workshop showing findings of the survey
Methodology:The contracted consultant or organisation will define the methodology and approach in the technical proposal presented to SC. These will further be refined in the inception report. It is expected that the consultant will employ recognized assessment approaches such as EMMA, MIFIRA, FEWS market structure guide etc.
Outputs:The consultancy should produce the following deliverables:
Inception report (Outlined method/approach, Work plan, Planned stakeholders to be consulted and sampling size)
Assessment procedures and implementation plan
Assessment tools
Draft Final Study Report for review and incorporate comments into a quality final report.
Final assessment report (not more than 30 pages.) Summary report (not more than 6 pages)
One electronic file of the clean (final) qualitative and quantitative data collected
Hold a debriefing workshop with SC and other partners showing findings of the survey
Timeframes:The consultancy assignment should be conducted within the months of July and August 2017 for a duration not exceeding 35 days. Details of the assignment schedule are to be provided by the consultant(s), taking into consideration the above-mentioned scope of consultancy activities and in agreement SC.
Management and logistics
The consultant will be supervised by the Head of Child poverty, Somalia/Somaliland Program
Logistical support will be offered by save the children as per the contractual agreement
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