Uganda Program Coordinator Assistant (part-time)


Africa , Uganda


Ending On: 31 Dec 2019 16 days to go


Job Description

We are looking for Uganda Program Coordinator Assistant (part-time)


Employment: Part Time

Requirements: Apply Now

Job Overview

The primary focus of the Uganda Program Coordinator position will be centered on establishing and implementing the Refugee Workforce Development Program (RWDP), as well as growing local participation in our other cost-free programs that help NGOs become more efficient through technology.

Responsibilities and Duties

·         Meet with NGO Country Directors and HR staff within Kampala and cities surrounding refugee settlements (transportation or transportation costs provided)

·         Introduce relevant Telecom4Good programs to new and existing NGO relationships

·         Support existing NGOs partnerships via in-person meetings, phone, and video calls

·         Facilitate the implementation of the RWDP

·         Report back to Telecom4Good headquarters about progress and future leads

·         Conduct programmatic or relationship-building research

Desired Qualifications

·         Fluent in English (fluency or familiarity in local languages encouraged)

·         Has working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other professional software

·         Strong communication skills, including cross-culturally and across different mediums

·         Confident in building warm, genuine relationships

·         Self-motivated and able to work remotely

·         Flexible and adaptable to many situations

·         Honest and accountable

·         Maintains a level of professionalism at all times

Reports To: Program Manager

Hours of Work

This is a part-time position with the possibility for a transition to full-time. Starting commitment will likely be 5-8 per week and may increase incrementally. Pay will be hourly or on a per day basis.

More Information

  • Job City Kampala

Key Responsibility

Company Profile

Employer: Telecom4Good

About Company:

Organization Overview

Telecom4Good is a US-based nonprofit supporting other nonprofits around the world through technology so our partners’ programs, missions, and impact can grow. Our mission is to improve NGOs through high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions so our partners can focus on doing good in the communities who need it most. In Uganda, we are focused on building relationships with local NGOs and growing our Refugee Workforce Development Program, a skill-based training program that facilitates employment opportunities within the humanitarian sector for refugees.

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