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About Us
Somali livestock international service Ltd. Is founded in east Africa a geographical area with more than 100 million populations, which is a brighter future market. This area is virgin and contains huge livestock, like Camel, Coat, Cow, Ship and Chickens.
Somali livestock international service Ltd. is committed to advocate and lobby sustainable pro-poor policy framework and effective program intervention in overall system of business environment by forming networks with other international companies having a similar vision towards achieving the goal of business locally and internationally.  And also a value driven company, it believes that values are the foundation of business and every human dealings and activities.
Here today we want to talk about briefly how this name came and how it was driven from, or were it was derivate from, absolutely its right this name –SOLIS- comes from (soomaal) which is a Somali word as it used when the guests come to a Somali family they used to say (soomaal) which is meant to gain and give Milk(milking) to the guest man/women, as also this is the name of our beloved country, so that from here we knew that this is Somaaliya (Somalia). So that even they used to say as example, were you are going? The answer was always: “I am going to Soomaal which is meant ‘I am gaining to milk’
l  The livestock sector is the backbone of the Somali economy and provides the main source of Somali livelihoods engaging about 55% of the population of Somalia in livestock production. Livestock exports contribute 40% of the national GDP and 80% of foreign currency earnings, excluding direct remittances from Somalis in the Diaspora.

l  The beginning of the civil war in 1991 lead to the collapse of all the services that were provided by the Former Central Government including the veterinary services, Livestock Marketing Infrastructures, Diagnostic Laboratories, Training Institutions, Office Buildings, Water points, Roads, Fodder Farms, Artificial Insemination Centers, displacement of livestock and Livestock Veterinary Professionals, etc.
l  The Somali Livestock export business starts a long go away immediate after the independence in 1960s.
Continuation of Background Information
l  The livestock export development programs started in 1975/76 when the former Government established a Livestock Development Agency (LDA) for the purpose of improving and promoting the livestock Marketing and Livestock export Infrastructures in the Country.
l  The LDA established new holding grounds at the vicinity of the three main ports namely: Warmahan Holding Ground near Mogadishu Port, Lahelay Holding Ground at Kismayo Port and Aroori Holding Ground at Bernera Port.
l  The Holding Grounds were completely fenced and provided water wells, Grazing Farms, veterinary services facilities and qualified animal inspection services staff.

l  Also LDA established Stock roots from the Holding Ground to the respective Port of embarkation.
l  All the three main Ports LDA constructed a Marshalling Yards and Port Veterinary Offices for the last inspection and Certification of the animals before shipment.
l  All this facilities and infrastructures were destroyed or looted during the civil war and subsequent anarchy in Somalia.
l  In 1984 the USAID/Somalia and the Ministry of Livestock, Forestry and Range, responding to the Saudi ban on Cattle and other related to the Livestock Marketing and Health issues, established the Livestock Marketing and Health Project (LMHP) responsible:
for the restoration and the contribution of Cattle export to the balance of payment and
to lay out the conceptual basis for a broader approach strengthening the Somali Livestock Industry.
l  The livestock trade with the Middle East has over the years suffered severe shock due to a series of bans based on both existing diseases and as well for political reasons. Despite all the problems the Somali livestock sector somehow flourished particularly due to an aggressive private sector marketing which eventually in 2009 succeeded in accessing the most lucrative market of Saudi Arabia which they were denied for many years.
l  After many years of bun imposed on our livestock by the Saudi Authorities, in 2006 and 2007, Somali livestock export traders with Saudi traders following the OIE requirements started to establish a quarantine stations in different parts of Somalia.
l  Since the civil war, donor support to the Somali livestock sector has been significant and it is estimated that for the last 10 years over 30 projects mainly in livestock emergency intervention were implemented at the cost of over 40 million Euros. The major donor of these projects has been the European Commission.
To introduce prosperity to the Somali pastoralists as whole in the horn of Africa, especially Somalia and provide caring to those who don’t have anything to care with their Animals.
Contact Person: Ahmed Abdirahman Ahmed
Phone: +252622280088
Skype: ahmedahmed9654
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