Maxhodges Marketing Limited( Brand Exposure Solution)
Posted: 14 Oct 2016 09:53
Category: Business Equipment & Supply
Headcount: 21 - 50
Year established: 2008
Total annual revenue: 500000 USD
Location: Africa , Kenya
Address: Nyerere
Contact Name: Leah Nzisa
Phone: +254721456317
Facebook page: www.maxhodhes.co.ke
Linkedin page: www.maxhodges.co.ke
Twitter page: www.maxhodges.co.ke
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About us
Maxhodges Marketing Ltd is an establishment with high quality performance of services and internal manufacturing to our clients; a company with a team of proficient in-house competent personnel’s, pulled from Trade marketing, ICT, Signage,Print, Marketing, Trade Distribution, and Event Management with well international experience and exposures which defines our name not as an Agency only but in production and manufacturing also.
Attached please find our great Profile and also feel free to browse: (www.maxhodges.co.ke) for your Brands needs exposure solutions.
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