Blue Lotus Travel and Tours Ltd

  • Plan: FREE
  • Location: Africa, Tanzania
  • Address: Arusha, Tanzania
  • No. of Employees: 51 - 100
  • Annual revenue: NA
  • Established year: NA
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About Trader

With the introduction of Nymphaeacaerulea in Tanzania many many years ago, its has become a rare jewel that is now frequently found on the seasonal lakes of the Ngorongoro National Park. Famously symbolizing the involvement of ones spiritual sense and enhancing a healing on several levels within the human system. Native to the Nile this particular flower is famously treasured as an affordable luxury from the time of the pharoahs who used to call it Blue lotus which is actually known today as blue water lily. The source of the Nile being Tanzania, Blue Lotus is one of hidden gems that has touched many lives over centuries with its benefits. Today Blue Lotus Travel & Tours strives to be the a rare holiday and corporate advisor that takes pain in delivering a formidable yet delicate service that cannot be replicated by any other kind. Its philosophy encircles around four words for its stake holders ‘SERENITY AWAY FROM HOME’. Be it your family holiday, honeymoon, corporate arrangement or a Safari holiday Blue Lotus is peace of mind you are looking for. OUR BRANDS - TO WHICH GROUP DO YOU BELONG? Our Brands – To Which group do you belong? BUSINESS LOUNGE A Lounge that is known for its precision in Business dealings either in a formal format at the best MICE facilities or with a taste of pleasure making business dealings in creative location during Match days or at Golf Courses possible. We avail you financial hubs ranging from Johannesburg, Big Apple, Guangzhou, Beijing, Bangkok, Dubai, Lagos, Mumbai or London. We do believe in TIME AND RECREATION IS MONEY COUPLES CLUB A Zone that catches the eye and satiates ones need for Love, Belongingness and that human touch that enlighten the senses. Couples Club instigates all these by carefully introducing to you destinations ranging from a honeymoon starter in Zanzibar, to seclusion at Mafia Island, a perfectly balanced honeymoon or vow renewals in South Africa, Mauritius or the Far East. Finally indulging into the Luxuries of Maldives, Carribean & Meditteranean Cruises. We believe in BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL PERSON THERE IS A SPOUSE. FABULOUS FAMILY A Brand that keeps you update on the one of the most important parts of Human Life which needs to be appreciated at the appointed time. A Family bond gets stronger as one flys overseas, rivers and across country boarders in search of an experience that would enlighten up the young ones as well as relax the elder ones. Spending quality time is the key, and destinations such as Dubai, The Far East, Egypt, South Africa, Mauritius, Seychelles, The Americas, Europe, The Subcontinent, North America and within Tanzania could be the ideal destination. We do believe in HAPPY FAMILY = SUCCESSFUL PERSON LOTUS SAFARIS Unveiling the untapped beauty of Tanzania and extending into Africa! This will ensure that no wild land and culture is missed from the Mighty Serengeti & Kilimanjaro to the Wilderness of Selous ensuring a look at the big five and Mahale Mountains famous for its Chimpanzee population. All kinds of experience can be felt in this wild zone ranging from the modern lodges like Bilila and Crater lodge to the camouflaged luxury tents of Singita, Tangnyika Wilderness camps to the touristic lodges of Serena spread throughout the wild national parks and Game reserves. Ask to join our Facebook groups: COUPLES CLUB - Tailored for Couples FABULOUS FAMILY - Tailored for Families BUSINESS LOUNGE - Tailored for your Travel requirements LOTUS SAFARIS - Tailored for Safari Lovers