Guava Communications Company Ltd

  • Plan: FREE
  • Location: Africa, Tanzania
  • Address: Mwenge, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • No. of Employees: 51 - 100
  • Annual revenue: NA
  • Established year: NA
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About Trader

Guava Communications Company Limited (GCCL) is a public relations and marketing firm which empowers companies and individuals with the best practices in networking and information sharing through activities like research designing, auditing, policy making, strategy formulation and implementation, while abiding by national as well as international communication laws and ethics. The Company is aiming at meeting high standards of professionalism to serve its clients nationally, regionally and globally. GCCL contributes in shaping people’s attitudes and public opinion by approaching effective communication as a social process that is crucial for the wellbeing and survival of humanity. Communication can influence corporate image by either attracting or repelling customers in a business company, winning or losing the support of stakeholders and be a cause of conflict or an instrument of peace. Background Guava Communications Company Limited (GCCL) is a business firm which is incorporated by Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA) under the Companies Act (No. 12 of 2012). Its headquarters are in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, East Africa. GCCL is named after the guava fruit which is sweet, tasty, delicious and uniquely flavored. Health wise, the fruit is proven to contain nutrients that promote vigor to the human body. In the same way, GCCL is strategically positioned to provide exceptional and extremely good services to its clients – as the Company motto Excellence in Nature suggests. The founders of GCCL are university graduates with adequate knowledge and training at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in journalism, mass communication, communication studies, public relations, and marketing. These graduates work hand in hand with equally trained consultants in relevant fields like linguistics, ICT, law and business administration. Vision Statement To become a leading world-class consultancy firm that empowers organizations and individuals to communicate effectively and contribute to their holistic development. Mission Statement To offer professional advice, training and services in the field of marketing, public relations and communications in order to assist companies and individuals achieve prosperity in their operations. Our Clients GCCL endeavors to be of great use to local as well as international community in the following categories; 1. Government: ministries, authorities, agencies, and local government 2. Institutions: public and private 3. Business companies/firms 4. Non-profit organizations 5. Multinational corporations 6. Small groups 7. Executives, CEOs, MDs, public relations managers, information officers, heads of corporate communications, high profile people and entrepreneurs. Strategic Objectives GCCL has carried out an environmental analysis of the economic, political, cultural and technological aspects, and as a result it has identified the following key areas: 1. To give technical services in the area of corporate communications 2. To provide advanced guidance in marketing communications 3. To offer professional assistance in media production 4. To render effective help in public relations Core Values GCCL has a number of ethical principles that guide the way its board, staff and partners relate and operate. Integrity Honesty is the guiding policy that influences the way we give services. Our greatest desire is to walk our talk and win the trust of our clients and other stakeholders. Professionalism We conduct our business transactions with high standards of quality. Our performance reveals our intellectual abilities and advanced training of our workforce. Creativity In our quest to give our clients our best output, we constantly endeavor to be innovative, progressive and open-minded. We are bold to be different and avoid the usual and conventional methods. Optimism We believe in a better future of our clients, and we work diligently to help them realize their dreams. Therefore we approach our duties with a positive attitude. Networking Our management personnel and staff are good team players. We also have the passion to build good relationships with our esteemed customers and make our company a good corporate citizen in the society.