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Category: Wellness, Fitness & Beauty
Location: Asia , India , Люберцы
Address: Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Description :
Shwaasa Yoga Center, founded in 2012 by our venerated guru, Sri Vachananand Swamiji is the leader of yoga training schools in India and the world. It was founded with the mission to make a disease-free society. Swamiji believes in the power of breathing (Shwaasa) which is much more than a tool to be alive. Shwaasa is the place where you see your body and mind converging to a point called peace. Shwaasa is the place where all your physical and mental agonies fade away.

Additional Details

Count halls: 10
Coverage area: 1000 m²
Events: I Need The Approved Abortion Pills & Pain Free +27734668538 In Vanderbijlpark
Begin: 28 Nov 2018
End: 31 Dec 2018
Category: Creative Services
Type: Exhibitions


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Contact : *******008

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